Sunday, September 9, 2012

On my radar screen

1) Don't believe the hype (recent move from the SP 500 and other global equities indexes).
2) Gold and Silver look great right now
3) Gold ; Keep a stop @ 1650 (bearish reversal below that level)
4) Silver ; Key break out @ 30, use that level for key exit level if we get a bearish reversal.
5) Currency du jour ; Canadian $ !!!!
6) $GBP ; Love that long term base pattern, showing a potential huge bullish move!
7) Natural Gas ; Was that another fake move ?

Alcoa (AA) ; Bullish, great break out ... but wait, do not chase it ... yet !!!
Bank of America (BAC) ; Break out is for REAL !!!
Also focusing on GE, Chevron, JPM, and PG

Olive oil in Morocco doing pretty well, not focusing on building a brand, just selling wholesale.
Also involved in liquidations (household cleaning products, hygiene, perfumery, and various textiles).
Target market is northern and central Africa

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