Saturday, May 11, 2013

10 Year US Treasury Note Yield

10 Year US Treasury Note Yield, weekly chart
Bill Gross said that the bond bull market probably ended
I say he is dead wrong ... for the moment
We got a few higher lows ... no big deal
See those large blue arrows ? Highly probable scenario
Prediction ? Long term deflation, no growth ...
Buy farm lands


Anonymous said...

Hello Moise, que tal hombre! Good to see you are back posting a bit more! Just one question: how do you relate deflation with "buying farmland". Could you please expand?
Tx a lot. Bertrand

Moise Levi said...

Hola :))))
The only place I see inflation is in agricultural goods.
Pure demographics ... more people to feed...
More cattle to feed since we consume more meats ...
Land is cheap, yield is great