Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Nikkei and the ABC pattern

You often read the term ABC pattern on this blog. Been using it for years, quite reliable.
You cannot "design" a trading system with this pattern, you just need to observe well, and understand that this pattern is often mixed with reliable fundamentals.
When a stock/index/currency/bond comes out of a long base (or long bear market), it will tend to spike up fast, great news follow, then your typical pull back takes place (some call it the retracement).
That huge spike is what I call "A"
See that target on the chart ? It should confirm the importance of its 200 EMA level
Now, to have a reliable "B", we need clear higher lows on improve fundamentals !
As far as I am concerned, Japan is back (yep call me crazy, that is what people called me many years ago when I said Apple will reach $400!)
Japan is changing ... They are doing something right ...
It will probably take over 12 months to reach that "A" level

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