Thursday, November 28, 2013

SP 500, where is the pull back ?

Be patient, that is one main thing I did learn with the markets, patience !
We are not "rational" people, we are loaded with emotions and erratic behaviors !
No wander you see so many erratic moves in the markets !
No one is spending money, unless you are part of the few lucky ones.
Light crude oil is crashing ! Key early warning indicator !
Gold and Silver are way way oversold !!!
See those two arrows ? Focus on both of them
Blue = 50 weeks moving average (simple)
Red = 200 weeks moving average
Get out, stay out, come back AFTER the pull back !!!


Doc' said...

Hello Moise,

Don't you see a possible parabolyc rise on the stock markets ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Moise

actually you think the S&P will retrace to 1400pts around ?


Anonymous said...

Being in the markets now may be risky if they deflate suddenly, but not chasing the rally has a huge opportunity cost... I am in.
Anyway, the not-so-bad not-so-good economy in the West should keep the money printer busy and the bull markets; only a black swan would change this situation. Add to it that Asia is resuming a growth cycle, and this bull markets can last long, or may not correct so much when they do.

Doc' said...

It's starting to move :-) Enjoy the ride ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Moise , Whishing you all the best for 2014. Yes, the pull back for SP500 is coming soon. An ABC on UTW with A starting this month ;-)