Monday, July 7, 2014

Trading system signals

Will often update my interpretation of this simple trading system
I like to use those simple settings ; 5,50,200 EMAs
I will often use trend lines and key patterns as additional "warnings"
the R1 you see on this chart is the first reversal level (warning level)
The "MR" is your main reversal, meaning get out!
This chart shows the Nasdaq 100, QQQ
$SPX : Main reversal stands @ 1930
$DAX : MR stands @ 9800
GLD : MR stands @ 125 ; Note that the 50 is still below the 200, meaning the "full buy signal" has not been issued yet.
SLV : Same story here with its MR standing @ 19.5
Note that on SLV and GLD, both have their 5 EMAs slightly hanging above their 200 EMAs.
*Note : In currencies I will often use the 5,20,100

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